Friday, July 1, 2016

About the Miniscule Guide: Wyoming

This blog will thoroughly cover my travels throughout Wyoming: the Cowboy State, "like no place on Earth."

Wyoming has the least population of all the 50 states, but is the tenth largest by area. So there's lots of driving to be done in between towns, most of which are pretty small - but are worth visiting for their ambiance and their history.

Join me on my journeys throughout "The Equality State."

What is the background photo?

This Welcome to Wyoming sign is at the junction between Colorado and Wyoming on US Route 85. In the distance on the left is the Ponnequin Wind Facility, which is located in Colorado.

Do not confuse US Route 85, which runs north-south in the "Mountain and Plains" region of the United States with the interstate,  I-85 which runs northeast-southwest through the "Southeastern United States."

Below is the US Route 85 route, in red:

Public domain United States map from Wikicommons

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